Wednesday, September 30, 2009


a few reserves came in today and I did my random pick for which to read first ... and it is The Children's Writer, by Gary Crew, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

quotes#555765 The Rose Grower

Married life was like the walnut inlaid drawers that lined one wall of the pharmacy; you slid them open one at a time, hooking your little finger into the hollow under the brass handle, and so learnt which ones were best left shut. p204

Autumn has always been his favourite season. His grandfather used to tell him that as he grew older he would long for springtime, for blossom and quickening green. But spring promises so much, how can it help not living up to expectations? Autumn is unexacting, dependable, its leaves like so many responsibilities discharged and now unloosed, drifting quietly earthwards. p168

by Michelle de Kretser, c. 1999

Thursday, September 24, 2009

quotes#346980 21 dog years (doing time at

In some ways it was the curse of talent; there was a whole list of things in which I showed great promise. But there is a hell of a gap between "talented" and "successful," and to bridge it you need something called "will." My teachers begged me to dedicate myself - just a little - and said I would really blossom. I dug in my heels and refused. I feigned scorn and indignation but really I was just too scared to apply myself. I was afraid I would discover my limitations. Better not to know. Better to be free and easy and cultivate an air of smug accomplishment. Nurture my talent. Read another book. Play some more Nintendo.
But I miscalculated. p4

But "beat" in what context? B&N still has all its physical stores, and even if the website isn't growing at a staggering rate it's not as if B&N's physical store sales have been crippled by Amazon. People still like going to bookstores, which strangely is considered more romantic than spending an evening alone in your underwear staring at a website. p67

by Mike Daisey, c. 2002 -- lcl res

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

quotes#604908 Going the distance

If Diana was Milton St John's scarlet woman, then Maddy must be at least a carmine apprentice. p195

By the time she'd had a bath and washed her hair and, again, wrapped in the quilted dressing gown, had staggered back into the kitchen, Suzy and Drew were setting the table. She felt slightly embarrassed, but extremely relieved that he was still there. He smiled at her. "Feel better now?"
"Cleaner. Not better. You can't improve on perfection." p188

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

quotes#732854 Going the Distance

She turned the key. Nothing. She tried again. The engine didn't even whimper. There was a strange buzzing noise. Pushing her ear against the dashboard, Maddy cursed. Suzy had left the radio on all night. The battery was as flat as squashed hedgeghog. p46

Apart from that, you're a brilliant jockey. It's a bit tough though - Ricahrd can't ride because he's got ginger hair and freckles and a lived-in-face. p80

Thursday, September 17, 2009


pearls, by lindsey dawson, c. 2001 -- wcl - had to add to good reads
the italian surgeon, by meredith webber, c. 2005 bc
going the distance, by christina jones, c. 1997 - wcl pbk

Monday, September 07, 2009


the earth hums in b flat, by mari strachan, c. 2009 -- res, lcl copy
intensity, by dean koontz, c. 1995 -- bc6725807
about time. growing old disgracefully, by irma kurtz, c. 2009 -- res, lcl copy