Saturday, June 20, 2009

cindy and the lost jandal, by chris gurney
the princesses have a ball, by teresa bateman
ella's big chance, by shirley hughes

the elegance of the hedgehog, by muriel barbery, c. 2006 lcl request
the heiress bride, by laurey bright, c.2002 bc 7288012
homeplace, by dorothy garlock, c. 1991 bc 7288015
little fred riding hood, by michael cox, c. 1995, wcl purple kids
reunions, by eileen berger et al, c. 2000, lcl
the prince's virgin wife, by lucy monroe, c. 2006 bc 7288016
where yesterday lives, by karen kingsbury, c. 1998 wcl
gobbolino, the witch's cat, by ursula moray williams, c. 1942 wcl red kids

Sunday, June 14, 2009


the good thief, by hannah tintri, c. 2008 request lcl
the spectacle salesman's family, by viola roggenkamp, c. 2008 request lcl