Monday, September 30, 2013

Random piece from The outsiders

"This house ain't messy. You oughtta see my house."
"I have.  And if you had the sense of a billy goat you'd try to help around the place instead of bumming around."
"Shoot, kid, if I ever did that your mom would die of shock."
I liked Two-Bit's mother.  She had the same good humour and easygoing ways that he did.  She wasn't lazy like him, but she him get away with murder.

-- S.E. Hinton

[my comment.. I prefer to read, stitch, write, over housework]

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday night quote

Random quote from current read

Restoring Grace by Katie Fforde

I know perfectly well why Dad left Mum - she's a cow!  But for a while she was at least a mother. Now she's in lurve she doesn't give a toss!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

oooh it has been such a long time

Saturday, December 05, 2009


the magician of hoad, by margaret mahy, c. 2008 -- book loaned by my margaret
porch swings and picket fences, by various, c. 1999 -- wcl
the summerhouse, by allison prince, c. 2004 -- wcl teens
allsorts 4, by anne thwaite, c. 1971 -- edwin bc
now, in september, by meg hudson, c. 1984 -- orewa trademe bc7665203
a wrongful death, by kate wilhelm, c. 2007 -- lcl request - seen on a book website somewhere

Monday, November 23, 2009

no-purchase#354146 despite entering artybees, in wellington

Saturday, November 21, 2009


george's marvelous medicine, by roald dahl, c. 1981 - wcl, now ak is reading this one
book of clouds, by chloe aridis, c. 2009 - new book, ecl copy


ah the joys of choosing from returned today shelves at the library; ran into wml before going to petone beach with mrl. i want to check in here with my addiction in the effort to reduce the number of pages stacking up in the house.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

quotes#985671 Chasing Charlie Duskin

Mr Robbie's the sort of guy who loves somewhere way down in his middle. "Not everyone loves close to the surface, Rose," Mum says when I complain about the way he treats Dave. I reckon he'd have to dig pretty deep to find where Mr Robbie keeps his love. p48

Mum used to read me stories of beautiful places. "You'll go there one day, Rosie," she said. Those places filled my dreams. But Mum's too tired for books now. p17
quotes#058378 Princess Stories by Nicola Baxter, c. 2003

Rosie gasped and whirled round. There stood a little boy, grinning.
"But .... where did you come from?" asked the Princess. "Where do you live?"
"Oh, I live in your head," said the boy. "You just never noticed me before. I can come out and play whenever you like." p76

Then on the third day, the Princess took the old lady's arm and led her into the palace, where the King, after a particularly close encounter with a prickly bush, was having thorns removed from his royal bottom. p64


chasing charlie duskin, by cath crowley, c. 2005 wcl teens