Saturday, July 25, 2009

quotes#728761 Where are you now?

I could feel the beginning of a headache, and even though I wasn't hungry, I went down to the kitchen, made a pot of coffee, and toasted an English muffin. I carried it to the breakfast alcove and sat at the table, gazing at the spectacular view of the East River. Thanks to the strong breeze, the current was visibly swift, and I found myself identifying with it. I was being carried by a current I could not fight, and I had to let it take me along until it either overwhelmed or released me. p151
[not profound - but I still like it]

The apartment was always immaculate, but today the sun was especially bright and, like a magnifying glass, exposed the worn areas of on the edge of the couch and the chip on the corner of the glass coffee table. p31

together alone, by ron falconer, c. 2004 wcl 919.851

Thursday, July 16, 2009


shadows&silence by clare goodwin c. 2005 lcl
the ugly duck thing, by laurence anholt, c. 2008 lcl kids book
the little soul and the earth, by neale donald walsch, c.2005 wcl kids book

Friday, July 10, 2009


Jamaica Street, by Sally Worboyes, c. 2004 wcl paperback
How I changed my body and my life, by Suzanne Prentice, c. 2002 bc7337326
Where are you know?, by Mary Higgins Clark, c. 2008 wcl
The broken window, by Jeffery Deaver, c. 2008 bc
Poppy [Pirate Princess], by Judy Brown, c. 2008 w kidsbk, purp
Paying for it and other stories, by Viv French, c. 2002, w kidsbk red
Prom, by Laurie Anderson, c.2005, bc7337433
Dangerous spaces, by Margaret Mahy, c.1991, w kidsbk red
A fortune branches out, by Margaret Mahy, c. 1993, w kidsbk red
Imagine, by Ruth Brown, c. 2006, w kidsbk, green

Sunday, July 05, 2009

quotes#839312 One day at a time

"Next time you'll be wiser and more careful," Coco said quietly. "Don't beat yourself up. You learned something from it. We always do." p84
[not profound but useful to remember]

Her mother sighed as she listened. It was as though they were whispering across the Grand Canyon - neither of them could hear the other, nor wanted to. p30
[by Danielle Steel]