Wednesday, April 29, 2009

quotes#693957 The heaven shop

Sometimes Binti would catch Kwasi drawing in the dirt with a stick. She knew his fingers were hungry for the feel of a pencil against paper.
She had an idea. She fetched her radio script. "Draw on the back of this," she said.
"Are you sure?"
"It's paper. I don't have a pencil, though."
"Don't worry. I'll find something." Kwasi's whole body started to glow with excitement. He got a charred bit of wood from the fire pit. Right away, he started to draw - birds, first, of course, but as the little ones gathered around to watch him, he switched to drawing their faces.
That's one problem solved, Bindi thought. p157
[context: Aids-torn Malawi]


randomly chosen the following:

the paper bag christmas, by kevin alan milne, c. 2006 -- res tcl
book lover, by jennifer kaufman & karen mack, c. 2006 -- res pcl
christmas calamity and other stories, by emma thomson, c. 2005 -- wcl jpk
hoppy birthday jo-jo, by pippa goodhardt, c. 2004 - jbk
bill bird's new boots, by vivian french, c. 2004 - jpk
the twin, by gerbrand bakker, c. 2006 -- lcl
joe lions big boots, by kara may, c. 2006 wcl
the blue stone, by jimmy liao, c. 2008 -- wcl -- kids

Friday, April 24, 2009

quotes#527126 I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere

"I'm tough at work, but that's just because I'm playing a role, you see? I have to be tough, I have to make them think I'm a tyrant. Can you imagine if they discovered my secret? If they figured out that I'm shy? That I have to work three times harder than the others for the same result? That I have a bad memory? That I'm slow to understand. If they knew that, they'd eat me alive!
"Plus, I don't know how to make myself liked ... I have no charisma, as they say. If I give someone a rise, I do it in a curt voice; when someone thanks me, I don't answer. When I want to do something nice for someone, I stop myself, and if I have good news to announce, I let my secretary Francoise do it. When it comes to management, or human resources as they say, I'm a disaster, a complete disaster. p260

Now, if I had to give one piece of advice to a young person who wanted to go rural (although after everything that's happened, I'd be surprised if anyone asked), here's what I'd say: Muscles. Lots of muscles - it's the most important thing. A cow weighs between five and eight hundred kilos, a horse between seven hundred kilos and a ton. That's all there is to it. p92

[vet advice]


piano rock, by gavin bishop, c, 2008 - nz post finalist, copy from lcl

Saturday, April 18, 2009


i wish someone were waiting for me somewhere, by anna gavalda, c. 1999 -- lcl
every last cuckoo, by kate maloy, c.2008 -- reserve mcl
the heaven shop, by deborah ellis, c. 2004 -- reserve scl -- ya
portofino, by frank schaeffer, c. 1996 - bc
goodnight nobody, by jennifer weiner, c. 2005 -- bc
konnichi wa kiwi, by warren payne, c.2007 -- bc

Friday, April 10, 2009

quotes#832146 The Necklace

In the past, Priscilla had always thought that the smarter and more successful you were, the more you didn't need other people, the more you could do it all yourself. Priscilla had never asked anyone for anything. Now she was starting to think differently. Maybe the smarter you were, the sooner you recognized you were in trouble and asked for help. p163

Thursday, April 09, 2009


The necklace, by Cheryl Jarvis, c. 2008 - copy from lcl - request