Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Books read since June 16th, 2004

The Heiress Inherits a Cowboy by Carol Grace, c. 1998
"The Silent Shore," by Rosemary Aitken, c. 2001 -- Library book
Whirlwind by Nancy Martin, c. 1992
The Australian Heiress by Margaret Way, c. 1997
Sleeping Beauty by Judith Michael, c. 1991
Blue Ice by Marilyn Tracy, c. 1990
Asking for Trouble by Barbara Faith, c. 1987
Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie, c. 2001
Northern Knights by Bobby Hutchinson, c. 1987
A Royal Mission by Elizabeth August, c. 2000
Sweet Enemy by Diana Palmer, c. 1979
Late Bloomer by Peg Sutherland, c. 1993
Lonesome Rider by Heather Graham, c. 1993
Til Tomorrow by Sandra Marton, c. 1996
Dilemma by Megan Alexander, c. 1987