Wednesday, May 27, 2009

quotes#561842 Not for bread alone

My mother did not, does not cook. Like learning to type , it was something for servants. She scrambled to success with education as grappling tool and was moving always upward, bringing sometimes a memory of a tasted recipe for Rachel, a recipe reflecting the ever-increasing image of a better life, first, moules mariniere, then fillet of sole bonne femme. She liked chocolate ice cream and tried French with a clumsy accent. I learned that food was part of travel and distant places. p48

Saturday, May 23, 2009

jumper, by steven gould, c 1992 -- wcl pbk
the good husband of zebra drive, by alexander mccall smith, c. 2007 -- lcl
horse apples, by ged maybury, c. 1998 -- bc 7168507
no good deed, by manda scott, c. 2001 -- bc 6406131
the tibetan art of serenity, by christopher hansard, c. 2006 -- lcl
wedding vow of revenge, by lucy monroe, c. 2005 -- bc 7223461
the visitors book, by caroline upcher, c.1997 -- bc 7223463

Friday, May 22, 2009


Politically correct bedtime stories, by James Finn Garner, c. 1994
Cinderella's bum, by Nicholas Allan, c. 2002

Sunday, May 17, 2009

quotes#702166 Book Lover

I reach behind me and grab one of the six books I had thrown into the car. One thing I'm glad about: I'm never bored and I never mid waiting - anywhere. Unless, of course, I've forgotten my book, in which case I just run off and buy another one. I read at the DMV, in movie lines, in bank teller lines, or when the shuttle from L.A. to San Francisco is four hours late. Layovers in unfamiliar airports are a treat, as are jury notices that arrive at my home and give me license to sit around and read all day, knowing that I'm doing my civic duty. On my last jury dury, I was rejected from two trials, one because I told the judge in voir dire that I thought the defendant, a skinhead with tattoos, looked guilty, and the other because the attorneys got a load of the hostile jury pool and settled the case. That day, I actually got to finish Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. p26

the pet show, by linda chapman, c. 2008 kids purple
hamster holiday, by lucy daniels, c. 2001 kids purple lcl
oracle night, by paul auster, c. 2003 -- bc7206965
the impatient groom, by sara wood, c.1999 -- bc 7206967

Saturday, May 09, 2009


princess australia, by nicola marsh, c. 2007 wcl
wedding bells at wandering creek, by patricia thayer, c. 2008 wcl

Friday, May 08, 2009

quotes#152502 Goodnight nobody

Kate Klein, this is your life, I thought, and tried to sort out the latest skirmish in the Crayola Wars.
I built a fire in the living room fireplace and played three games of Chutes and Ladders and four of Candy Land. I heated up canned chicken soup for lunch, knowing that every other mother in Upchurch, including my pie-baking pal Carol Gwinell, was probably feeding her kids homemade. p294

Oh no, I thought, as my breath caught my throat. Philip Cavanaugh was making his way unsteadily through the crowd with his daughters. One was on his left side and one was on his right and they were guiding him, like tiny navy blue tugboats guiding a freighter into port. p189

Sunday, May 03, 2009

quotes#607970 The Paper Bag Christmas

The only gift is a portion of thyself -- Ralph Waldo Emerson p117

Tim liked baseball, too, but hadn't been able to play much recently because he had been in and out of hospital so often. Since we didn't have a baseball to toss around, I found a pair of socks in Tim's dresser drawer and rolled them up tightly in a ball. For the rest of the evening we just sat playing catch across the room with socks.
It was a wonderful visit. p102