Sunday, February 24, 2008

ACL inhaled a book from Anthony & Lisa ... "Utterly Me, Clarice Bean" by Lauren Child, c. 2002

quotes from the book I am reading ... "The Road of Bones," by Anne Fine, c. 2006

"We'd learned from the bitter experience of others never to call the attention to ourselves by standing out from the crowd. Safer by far always to plod along as close as you could to the centre of any group, with eyes downcast. Still, it was easy enough to steal a glance as we trudged past. One of the men on the first truck was wrinkling his nose at the stink, and staring in astonishment at the vast hummocks of excrement behind the latrines." p162

"In winter I'd warn him not to panic the first time he woke and found himself unable to lift his head. 'You won't be paralysed. It'll just be your hair frozen fast to the bedding.'
Perhaps he'd laugh, not quite believing me. I'd show him how to sleep with feet jammed into a jacket sleeve for extra warmth, and how to thicken his overcoat with rags, and wrap his face with more rags against the stinging winds." p163

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am motoring through my current read, "Diving Through Clouds," by Nicola Lindsay. This is narrated by someone was has passed away.

Next lot of books on the horizon:

"Happily Ever After," by Susan May Warren, c. 2003 -- WCL
"Fogheart," by Thomas Tessier, c. 1997 -- bc 5578888
"Fresh as a Daisy," by Valerie-Anne Baglietto, c. 2003 -- PCL
"Eyes Right, and They's Wrong," by Joe Bennett, c. 2007 -- WCL new book stand
"Moonbirds, the," by Jenny Jackson, c. 2007 -- LCL kids book
"Daybread," by Owen Marshall, c. 2007 -- LCL book
"Gravedigger, the," by Peter Grandbois, c. 2006 -- LCL book

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My current read "The Healer," by Jean Brashear is intriguing. Ancient healing meets western medicine ... in a superromance.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Next pile of books to be read:

"Driving through the clouds," by Nicola Lindsay, c. 2001 -- from ret'd today shelves LCL
"The road of bones," by Anne Fine, c. 2006 -- teen WCL -- picked up for acl but she thought the cover was too scary
"The very smart pea and the princess-to-be", by Mini Grey, c. 2003 -- kids picture book, LCL
"The day of the jackal," by Frederick Forsyth c. 1971 -- woa comm centre -- bc 587 5482
"When you can walk on water, take the boat," by John Harricharan, c. 1986 -- bc 5875 495
"Roland Wright, future knight," by Tony Davis, c. 2007 -- new book WCL -- "red kids"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

from "Amy's Honeymoon" ....

... trying to get him focus on actual details was about as easy as an oil tanker doing a three-point turn in a paddling pool. p277

To his surprise he found himself thinking about the doctor who had cured his spot. Her life was about more than parties and photoshoots. He suddenly wished he could talk to her. Where was the meaning to it all? He'd always mocked them, but he was beginning to see how Guy and Madonna had fallen for all that Kabbalah stuff. And maybe Tom had the right idea when it came to Scientology? p218

Not a thread was out of plac, not a cuticle loose. All the women were so brown they looked like saddles with eyes. p222

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two books to return in the morning ..

"The Kingfisher Treasury of Bedtime Stories," chosen by Nora Clarke ... ACL enjoyed.

"Blenheim Orchard," by Tim Pears, c. 2007 ... didn't read this time round, reserved from LCL

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday night post, although it seems like a Sunday ... as it is Waitangi Day here.

Will be returning two books in the morning;

Starry Nights, by Judith Clarke, c. 2001 -- ACL really enjoyed this one. Unread by me at this stage.

Cross Stitch for Christmas, by Anne Marie Petersen, c. 1990 -- from PCL -- needs revisiting but also needs conversion from "danish flower thread" to DMC