Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quotes that caught my eye from "At the scent of water," by Linda Nichols, c. 2004

"The house calls weren't too difficult. A baby with the croup, a two-year-old with a suspected case of roseola, an old woman needing a listening ear for a moment or two, and a routine blood pressure check. Sam shook his head. He couldn't believe Carl traveled twenty minutes up in the hills just to take somebody's blood pressure, but actually that had been the best call of them at all. He had sat on the porch with the old man, had drunk a cup of coffee, and listened to the creek run. He had felt at peace, at least for a time." p250

"She took down her bowls and measuring cups. She assembled her ingredients. glad she knew the recipes by heart, for they had been left behind along with the rest of her life.
She could picture exactly where she had left them - stuffed in the aged metal box with scraps of paper and index cards on the top shelf of the old Hoosier cupboard in her kitchen. She hadn't needed them even then, but she had treasured them, many of them written in Grandma mamie's own spidery hand. Her grandmother's recipes were historical artifacts, though essentially useless unless you already knew how to make the dish. Mamie hadn't bothered with measurements. Those kind of detailed instructions were for amateurs." p108

"At least there was hope for a tree:
If it is cut down, it will sprout again,
And it's new shoots will not fail.
Its roots may grow old in the ground
And its stump die in the soil.
Yet at the scent of water
It will bud
And put forth shoots like a plant." Job 14:7-9

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

(last updated Sept 1st, 2007)

Running index of books mentioned here April 2006 to August 2007

"24-Karat Kids," Mar 2md, 2007
"A Carol for Christmas," Jan 7th, 2007
"A Country Practice," Aug 6th, 2006
"A Day With A Perfect Stranger," Jan 19th, 2007
"A Familisr Feeling," Mar 11th, 2007
"A Fistful of Sky," July 8th, 2007
"A Match Made in Heaven," June 4th, 2006
"About Adam," Aug 12th, 2006
"All Night Long," May 28th, 2007
"Almost Like Being In Love," Jan 23rd, 2007
"Angels Fall," Aug 25th, 2006
"At the Scent of Water," Jul 13th, 2007
"Backpack," Jul 29th, 2007
"Beach Girls," Sep 4th, 2006
"Brimstone," Apr 23rd, 2007
"Buffalo Before Breakfast," Jan 16th, 2007
"Burning Road," July 18th, 2006
"Cage of Stars," Feb 17th, 2007
"Can you keep a secret," Apr 26th, 2006
"Caroline's Journal," Dec 17th, 2006
"Cell," July 31st 2006
"Chasing the dime," May 4th, 2006
"Chocolate Kisses," Dec 13th, 2006
"City of Truth," May 8th, 2006
"Crazy as Chocolate," Aug 30th, 2007
"Dance of the Gods," Nov 7th, 2006
"Dance With Me," Dec 8th, 2006
"Dirty Blonde," Mar 16th, 2007
"Dying To Sing," Nov 13th, 2006
"Escape from Cabriz," July 31st, 2006
"Fairy Dust and the Quest For The Egg," Aug 24th, 2006
"For Love and Family," Sept 7th, 2006
"Forty Stories," July 6th, 2006
"Ghosts of Boyfriends Past," Feb 2nd, 2007
"Hard Truth," May 28th, 2007
"Home, Where the Wild Roses Grow," A0r 12th, 2007
"I Heard The Owl Call My Name," Jan 14th, 2007
"If The Shoe Fits," Feb 2nd, 2007
"In My Mother's House," Apr 30th, 2007
"Killer Takes All," May 14th, 2006
"Light Readings," Aug 30th, 2007 -->postponed for now; sept 13, 2007
"Lie By Moonlight," May 31st, 2006
"Please Mr. Einstein," Jan 30th, 2007
"Point Blank," Feb 5th, 2007
"Ready for Love," Dec 24th, 2006
"Reunion," Nov 5th, 2006
"Ride the Wind," Oct 6th, 2006
"River Angel," Jul 27th, 2007
"Round the Clock Temptation," July 24th, 2006
"Sam's Letters to Jennifer," July 31st, 2006
"Second Opinion," Oct 21st 2006
"Stargirl," May 26th, 2007
"Stories To Excite You," Feb 10th, 2007
"Strange Bedpersons," Aug 15th, 2006
"Suburban Shaman," Aug 30th, 2007
"Take Me," Mar 16th, 2007
"The Big Love," Dec 17th, 2006
"The Borrowed Ring," Mar 31st, 2007
"The Boy Next Door," Jan 23rd 2007
"The Capture," Apr 2nd, 2007
"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time," Feb 17th, 2007
"The Diary of Petr Ginz," Aug 12th, 2007
"The Dream-Hunter," Feb 20th, 2007
"The English Breakfast Murder," July 11th, 2006
"The Hotel Everest," July 3rd, 2007
"The House Guest," July 8th, 2007
"The Husband," July 21st, 2006
"The Jury," June 27th, 2006
"The Last Days of Dogtown," Feb 26th, 2007
"The Mediterranean Tycoon," Apr 12th, 2007
"The Orange Outlaw," Feb 10th, 2007
"The Owl & Moon Cafe," Mar 16th, 2007
"The Playboy and Plain Jane," Sept 25th, 2006
"The Quest for the End of the Tail," July 22nd, 2007
"The Rescue," June 28th, 2006
"The Rule of Four," March 5th, 2007
"The Stories of Eva Luna," March 31st, 2007
"The Summer I Dared," Apr 19th, 2007
"The Unbelievably True Fairy Tale," Jan 25th, 2007
"The Way It Is," Oct 20th, 2006
"Timeline," Jan 3rd, 2007
"Twins Too. Run Girls, Run," Jan 13th, 2007
"Velocity," July 12th, 2006
"Wedding Belles," Sep 1, 2007
"Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?" May 12th, 2007

title of book -- date -- read after

from Wainuiomata Library

"The House Guest," by Barbara Anderson, c. 1995 -- July 8th, 2007 -- after "Once Upon A Pillow," see below.

"A Fistful of Sky," by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, c. 2002 -- July 8th, 2007 -- The Horizontal Instrument by Christopher Wilkins, c. 1999

"At the Scent of Water," by Linda Nichols, c. 2004 -- July 13th, 2007 -- The Newcomer by Margot Dalton, c. 2000

"The Quest at the End of the Trail," by W.J. Corbett, c.2000 -- July 22nd, 2007 -- after "At the Scent of the Water," see above

"River Angel," by A. Manette Ansey, c. 1999 -- July 27th, 2007 -- Dangerous Alliance by Helen Bianchin, c. 1994

"Backpack," by Emily Barr, c. 2001 -- July 29th, 2007 -- Will by Kelly Jamison, c. 1993

"Meant-to-be Marriage," by Rebecca Waters, c. 1998 -- Aug 5th, 2007 -- "Backpack," see above

"The Diary of Petr Ginz," edited by Chava Pressburger, c. 2004 -- Aug 12th, 2007 --
The Lazarus Child by Robert Mawson, c. 2006

"Light Readings," by Fiona Farrell, c. 2001 -- Aug 30th, 2007 -- The Damaris Woman by Grace Green, c. 1994

"Suburban Shaman," by Cecil Hellman, c. 2007 -- Aug 30th, 2007 -- "Light Readings," see above

"Crazy as Chocolate," by Elisabeth Hyde, c. 2002 -- Aug 30th, 2007 -- "Suburban Shaman," see above

from Hutt Central Library

"The Hotel Everest," by Allan Sealy, c. 1998 - July 3rd, 2007 -- A Place Called Ugly by Avi, c. 1981 -- couldn't get into it

"Once Upon A Pillow," by Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway, c. 2002 -- July 3rd, 2007 -- after "The Hotel Everest," see above -- couldn't get into it

"Longshore Drift," by Karen Gillece, c. 2006 -- AUg 23rd, 2007 -- after "The Diary of Petr Ginz," see above

from Hot Picks -- Wainuiomata

"Wedding Belles," by Zoe Barnes, c. 2006 -- Sept 1st, 2007 -- Better Than This by Stuart Harrison, c. 2001