Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I collect quotes for my sig file. When I read books I own, or those I have obtained via bookray, I copy the quotes into a journal entry. I didn't have a system for keeping quotes from library books. In the middle of the night I had a harebrained idea to make a journal entry here for such books.

So here goes...

For "Truth & Bright Water" by Thomas King, c. 1999

Lum turns his back and pokes at the fire with a stick. It flares for a moment, and he slowly stacks branches and pieces of cottonwood against the flame. Soldier and I walk to the edge of the camp. I look up at the stars and breathe the air, and I think about my bedroom in the shop with its windowless walls and starless ceiling and wonder why I ever expected Lum would want to share with me. p227

In the morning, when I wake up, the world is soft and wet, and the fog clings to the sleeping bag like sweat. Soldier [dog] is snuggled up against me now, and his body is warm and comfortable. I roll over to tell Lum about my dream, but he has already gone. The river bottom is quiet, and all along the banks, the shadow shapes of the cottonwoods lean over the water like sad people weeping. p180

"If it were me," says my mother, "I'd say something."
"That's because you're a romantic," says Aunt Cassie.
"Nothing wrong with a little romance," says my mother.
"Lasts about as long as cut flowers," says Aunt Cassie. p113

The plywood decking has already begun to weather, to twist and bubble up like pieces of thin meat in a hot pan. p15